For three years while Skip was a newspaper feature writer, he had a standing assignment to profile a business for the newspaper’s finance desk once a week. Thus, he wrote some 150 profiles, becoming quite successful at the craft.

After Skip retired he realized that business profiles are virtually identical to B2B case studies, a style he had virtually perfected as a feature writer. So he honed his focus by taking copywriter courses in writing B2B case studies, and added them to the services he offers his clients.

The only other forms of business writing he presently offers are rooted deeply in those areas where he showed most interest and success during his 30-year newspaper career.


Case Studies. If yours is a business that deals with businesses, there is no better way to tell your story, especially to future clients, than Business-to-Business (B2B) case studies. I include them in my offerings because I have a long history of successful writing in an almost identical field.

Organization histories. A well-written history of your organization is necessary. One is mandatory for your website. lt not only lists the facts of who you are and what you do, but it draws clients to you. As a veteran, award-winning writer, I can do that for you.

Press releases. Press releases are important because they can get your name before the public. During my 30 years as a journalist I read thousands of press releases, so I know what business editors are looking for in press releases, what they will use, and what causes them to instantly throw them away. As a journalist, I also can come up with ideas for press releases to get your name before the public that non-journalists probably would not think of.

Op-ed page articles. Whenever news breaks that involves your business, an op-ed page article is a possibility. As a longtime journalist I know what editors are looking for, and as a former newspaper columnist I can deliver.

Letters to the editor. Letters to editors of trade-related publications or local newspapers, commenting on issues that affect your business, are an excellent way to get your name known.

Speeches. As an experienced public speaker myself — I am a former district director of lay speaking for the United Methodist Church — I know what it takes for a speech to be successful.

Editing services. I will edit your existing communications, speeches, website pages, organization histories or any other documents to make them more readable and therefore get better results for you.

Script Editing.  My edited screenplays have won top awards in national and international competition.